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Marvin instruments will highlight COMAC as the main research and development body of the C919 large aircraft project, and Ceramics China 2015's leading solution will promote the transformation of China's ceramic industry.

on May XX, 2015, Shanghai, China: 2015 China International Ceramic Industry Technology and products exhibition (ceramics China 2015) will be grandly held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair from June 1 to 4. During the exhibition, Malvern instruments, a world-renowned expert in materials and biophysical characterization, will display its overall solutions, including Mastersizer 3000 ultra-high perfection, from fluorite primary processing to functional membrane material industry chain speed intelligent particle size analyzer, Zetasizer nano ZSP nano particle size potential meter, Insitec particle size meter and kinexus advanced rotational rheometer, Introduce global cutting-edge material characterization technology for the transformation and upgrading of domestic ceramic industry

figure: from the top left to the bottom right are Mastersizer 3000, Zetasizer ZSP, kinexus and Insitec

"exquisite Chinese ceramics once conquered the West. However, in recent years, products from this hometown of ceramics have gradually been at a disadvantage in the global competition. Not only that, the saturation of the domestic ceramic market and the homogenization of products are also becoming more and more serious." Qin Heyi, general manager of Malvern Instruments China, said, "to revive the past glory, Chinese ceramics must speed up scientific and technological innovation and take a path of differentiation and branding while improving the added value of products. To achieve this goal, we need to improve our understanding of ceramic materials."

the quality of ceramic powder is the basis for the preparation of high-performance ceramic materials. The physical and chemical properties of the powder, such as the solid particle size of the powder, will determine the final microstructure and special properties of ceramic materials. With the deepening of molecular research, many traditional testing and analysis methods are no longer applicable, and the industry urgently needs more advanced equipment and technology. The overall solution shown by Marvin this time can meet the needs of users in many aspects

Malvern Mastersizer 3000 ultra high speed intelligent particle size analyzer, Zetasizer nano ZSP nano particle size potential meter and Insitec particle size meter are three leading products of Malvern in the field of particle characterization. As the latest generation of laser diffraction particle size analyzer of Mastersizer series, Marvin Mastersizer 3000 can quickly measure the size and particle size distribution of ceramic powder and slurry particles, providing a solid technical guarantee for product development and quality control; Malvin Zetasizer nano ZSP has the highest measurement sensitivity of Zetasizer Nano series, which can be widely used to detect the size distribution and stability of particle system in ceramic slurry and ceramic ink; Malvin Insitec particle size analyzer with continuous particle size analysis function can detect particle size distribution in real time, communicate real-time data, and complete closed-loop control by software program, so that the product particle size can meet the process requirements

as inkjet printing technology has been more and more widely used in tile decoration in recent years, the market has increasingly improved the performance requirements of inkjet ink. Malvin will bring his k to the audience during the exhibition. The left side is the part of the bending test; The electromechanical control and loading system is installed in the lower part of the main engine inexus advanced rotary rheometer. Rotary rheometer is currently one of the most common instruments for studying ink viscosity at different shear rates, and kinexus series is the most advanced rotary rheometer developed by Malvern instruments, which can characterize the storage and transportation stability, transportation, mixing and processing behavior of ink in a very wide range of shear rates, so that it shows the best performance in all application stages

"Over the years, Malvern instruments has been leading the technical trend in the field of material characterization, and our first-class technology has won the trust of customers in the world's leading research. At present, China's ceramic market is changing from a development stage dominated by quantity expansion to a competition stage dominated by quality and brand. We hope to help its development, take advantage of the opportunities brought by China's' the Belt and Road 'strategic concept, strengthen interaction with the international market, and improve The international competitiveness of Chinese ceramic brands. "

for more details, welcome to Malvern booth: booth C506, hall 3.1, Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, to have an on-site exchange with Malvern technical experts

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