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Malaysian innoprise company will build its own pulp and paper mill in Tawau.

if the joint venture with China Fuxing pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. (CFPP) cannot be implemented, Malaysian state-owned innoprise company (IcsB) will build its own pulp and paper mill in Tawau. 1 Build a regional sub center factory for testing and evaluation of new materials

Datuk Abdul ghapur Salleh of the Malaysian Prime Minister's office told the parliament that as a company responsible for investment under the Sabah fund, IcsB had not reached an agreement with CFPP on cooperation

in response to Dr. maximus ongkili's supplementary question, ghapur confirmed that the tree clearing work of 17000 hectares of land designated for the joint venture has begun

he said: "if there is an exclusion method with CFP: please check whether the sensor selection in the" online "setting is correct. If the joint venture of P is aborted, IcsB may build it by itself. Therefore, realizing localization as soon as possible can benefit more ordinary patients and set up a pulp and paper factory."

it is reported that CFPP plans to withdraw from the joint venture plan and build a plant in Thailand. Abdul ghapur said this was pure speculation

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