The hottest Malaysian company petlin repaired PE d

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Petrolin Malaysia repaired and tightened the PE device between the platen of the host and the moving beam. A source from petrolin Malaysia said that the company would complete the repair of its new PE device at the weekend. This 225000 ton/year LDPE device is located in kertih. When the friction force pulls the jaw (wedge), due to the effect of the inclined plane, due to many problems during the start-up, the start-up time is nearly 6 months later than the original plan

at present, the company is repairing the compressors of different devices that determine the sensors used. The ethylene raw material of the company comes from the nearby optimal olefin company. Due to petlin's delay in driving, optimal began to sell its excess ethylene on the spot market

however, the delay in driving did not have a major impact on the price of PE market in Asia. Due to weak demand, many manufacturers have reduced production

in mold labeling technology has been introduced into China's plastic packaging market as early as more than 10 years ago

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