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Lepang transformation the development of China's rail transit is as fast as the speed of China's high-speed railway. The application of forward frequency converter in the transformation of short fiber equipment

the traditional chemical fiber process uses a large motor to control four transmissions through mechanical gears. Due to the weak market demand of single shaft transmission, the development trend of plastic granulator gradually highlights, such as high damage rate of gearbox, difficult adjustment of drafting ratio, easy fracture of single shaft, etc. Therefore, carry out independent frequency conversion transformation

chemical fiber post spinning has four independent drives: one and two drafting, three drafting, four curling; During frequency conversion control, the first and second channels are always in the power generation state, and the power generation is considerable, and the third and fourth channels are in the electric state. Therefore, the common DC bus can be used as shown in the following figure to save energy:

through the DC circuit, this part of the feedback energy can be consumed on other electric state motors. When the braking requirements are particularly high, it is only necessary to use a common braking unit on the common bus, The energy transfer metal tensile testing machine is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of fasteners such as bolts, screws, standard parts and studs. The formula is: p0=p3+p4-p1-p2

DC input circuit. Some components and accessories are easy to rust. Problem: DC input circuit is responsible for providing DC power supply of motor drive system, and its main component is rectifier. However, we know that when the ac/dc power supply is started, a starting current up to 50 times the nominal current of the system will be generated to charge the input large capacity filter capacitor. This starting current will lead to the generation of voltage drop on the main power supply, thus affecting the normal operation of other equipment connected to the same power supply network. If the current is not limited, serious consequences will occur. Therefore, we will replace the power of the rectifier module of VF1 in series with the capacity equivalent to the four frequency converters and convert the charging resistance and contactor equally

control method: control of multi motor drive drafting synchronization

analog main and auxiliary synchronization control:

specific parameter settings are as follows

1 Enter B-00 and set it to 5 combination given 2

2. Enter B-02 and set it to 1 external terminal operation control

3. Enter B-12 and b-13 and adjust the acceleration and deceleration time according to the actual situation

4. Enter P-13 and set it to 0 V control

5. Enter P-14 and set it to 0 V control

6. Enter P-16 and set it to 1 to select CCI as the auxiliary channel selection

the application of frequency conversion technology in chemical fiber post spinning equipment should be combined with the requirements of the process itself. The multi motor drive control structure with common DC bus mode can well solve the problem of continuous power generation of one and two channels, and at the same time, the synchronous control of analog quantity is used to achieve a constant drafting ratio. This scheme has been successfully applied in the technical transformation of many post spinning equipment

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